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The Theme of the Week

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

My internal theme for this week has been a dichotomy between accepting some things as they are and not settling on others. There's a certain power behind always wanting something more and desiring to push yourself to achieve your goals. On the other hand, a person can find peace in accepting certain things for what they are. It is important to be judicious with where energy is focused.

I'm someone that likes to find what I'm looking for in quotes. To be completely transparent, I have quite a healthy array of Pinterest boards that reflect just that! In some way, I feel less alone and like I can relate to another person, even if that person is an anonymous being behind a phone or keyboard somewhere within the vast depths of the globe.

It can be hard not to ruminate on trivial things. While we may be dismissive of them initially, trying to remember that we likely will not give it a second thought a few weeks from now, it's easy to spend more time than we'd like on these subjects. Those items we try not to think about pop up frequently in daily life. In these times, I try to remind myself that it is taking time away from the 'now.' Being more present is something I am constantly working on. Spending time and energy on these infinitesimal matters also takes energy and focus away from that which is most important to us. Whether that be family, friends, career goals, or personal goals, it can be a combination of these things and more. We're all different and value and aspire towards different things.

On the other hand, it can also feel defeating to work towards goals and encounter speedbumps along the way. You can find yourself questioning your goals, your ability to achieve them, and whether or not those trials and tribulations will be worth it. It can be easy to compare ourselves to the social media lives we see others living. It can feel like those people blinked and are instantaneously living their dream life. I'll make a mellowing moment here and remind you that it is untrue. What we see on social media is often representative of the highlight reel. We don't always

see the work that goes into something, the frustration, and the comeback.

For me, this is where vision comes into play. In those times when I find myself doubting and feeling discouraged, I allow myself a few minutes of disengagement from my current reality. I envision myself already in tune with what I want. I'm sitting at my ocean-side beach house, enjoying the company of my sweet dog and my laptop so I can work on my next novel as we take in the roar of the ocean and the calming smell of a saltwater breeze. In my spare time, I walk the beach and collect seashells for my craft shack on the beach, where I sell some of my creations. This method is something that helps me stay on track.

This tidbit may have been helpful to you, and perhaps it wasn't. At the end of the day, my message this week is to try not to let yourself sweat the small stuff. You are the only person who can truly shape your future and achieve your goals. Chase your dreams mercilessly, and never give up on YOU. Because I promise you are worth it.



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