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Let’s Get ‘Write’ Down To It

Hello and welcome! I want to thank everyone for navigating to this page and following along with me on this journey. As this is a public page, I’d like to highlight a few ground rules: Keep it polite, keep it respectful, keep it kind, and keep it creative!

I originally oscillated on a vision for this page but decided in my authentic way of being that I’d do things just a little bit differently (if you know me, this won’t surprise you). My goal is to utilize this platform to keep followers updated on my service offerings, share samples of my work (if approved by the client), and do some blogging along the way (with a fair share of comedic relief nestled right in).

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love to make people smile and laugh. It is no secret to any of us that life can undoubtedly hand us our fair share of challenges, and if you ask me, often more than our fair share. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of laughter. Those small, pocketed, joy-filled moments give us a reprieve from the things in life that can weigh so heavily on our hearts, minds, and souls. So, if I can make you laugh or smile for even a moment, I feel that I can help lift some of that weight off your shoulders, and life isn’t so hard, even if just for a snippet of time.

You’re probably wondering why I started on this journey. I have been a passionate personal writer for many, many years. I had always been very apprehensive about sharing my work for fear of judgment or criticism. I was the gatekeeper of my desire to become a renowned writer and a published author. But after a big push (okay, several SHOVES), my mother truly inspired me to take the next step in making this a promising future career.

One of the most challenging things is taking that first step on a path you've yet to forge. You're stepping into unknown territory, often filled with hopes but also doubts, what-ifs, and the like. It’s scary to bet on yourself! But you know what? If you don’t? No one else likely will. Your life is what you make of it (I know that’s a scary thought, it’s haunted me for years). Those first few steps toward your dreams can be the most frightening, but I’ve decided that it’s even scarier never to know what could have been if you didn’t try. Consider this one of my first few steps into the freelance writing world!

So, again, thank you. For reading, following along, and for all of your support. I hope you’ll stick around!


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