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The 'I Get To' Mentality

I will share a little about a mentality I’ve been working to adopt. I’ve termed it “The I Get To, Mentality” for my own purposes. This is far from a new concept, and I'll need to conduct some research to confirm where it originated from. I’ll explain a bit more about what I mean.

We’ve likely all had days where mowing the lawn or folding the laundry seems daunting. You’d much rather be lakefront or beachside sipping your favorite drink and having some delicious snacks under the sun, but here it is. CHORES. I’ve been reframing my thought process when I sometimes stumble upon roadblocks. Rather than saying, “I HAVE to mow the lawn,” I try to tell myself, “I GET TO mow the lawn.” What I mean here is, ultimately, I’m very fortunate to have a lawn to mow and the means, both physically and materially, to do so. Something I sometimes take for granted can be something another person dreams of having.

This can be applied to many situations if you think about it. Let’s take laundry. Maybe folding your family’s heap of clean laundry isn’t your idea of a rockin’ good time. However, it is safe to say someone out there would be thrilled to have that laundry to fold, the washer/dryer to launder it, and the company of a family in their home to fold those clothes for. It can often be the case that we don’t truly realize how fortunate we are. If you find yourself holding a staring contest with your vacuum from across the room? I bet there’s someone out there longing to have a home of their own to vacuum.

I find that when I reframe my thoughts, I can garner some more intrinsic motivation on those days when I find my cup a little less than full. While my weekly lawn mowing sessions seem arduous, I also consider that I am outside and, in the sun, getting fresh air. I can dial this down even further. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by fresh air; that is not the case for all (and no, I’m not inserting any puns about the recent submersible incident). That freshly chilled bottle of water sitting on my porch for when I need a break? That’s a luxury to some as well.

My point here is that we are often more fortunate than we realize in so many ways. If you find yourself in a standoff with the lawn mower or are staring down at your pile of clean laundry willing it to fold itself, try to change how you approach it in your head. Perspective makes a big difference at times!


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