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The Fleeting Nature of Time

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A significant struggle I've faced with creating a public page to share some of my work is a fear of judgment or harsh criticism. This does not imply anything contrary to everyone being entitled to an opinion. However, it IS meant to imply that folks who sit behind a screen may not always be kind.

With that being said, I'm not going to dwell on that topic anymore. I created this page with the intent to share my work and develop a community.

I've found myself frequently mulling over the fleeting nature of time. We have days where it seems like we'll never get to lay our heads down for a rest and days where it feels like we've blinked and our day is done. We wish the good days would never end and the challenging days would take a hike into the depths of a vast forest as soon as possible. In those good times, we can sometimes be so preoccupied in a moment that we hinder ourselves from savoring all the moment has to offer. That moment can offer invaluable memories, a sense of peace, clarity, a much-needed dose of happiness, and more. In hindsight, I find myself thinking of all the trivial things I had going on in the back corner of my mind that prevented me from enjoying all that was in front of me at times. Being in this headspace, I found myself wishing I could go back in time and relive certain moments.

My central theme has been taking time to savor the moment and be present. Try not to spend too much time mulling over things that won't matter to you in the future. Will you look back three years from now and see how all of that dedicated time worrying or stressing was so beneficial? Likely not. Of course, I understand this is circumstantial and individualized. Time is over before we know it, and while that can be a paralyzing thought, it can also be motivating. I am more mindful of putting my cell phone on silent and to the side, pushing aside life's stressors and worries in my mind, and trying to remain present. I want to engrave the moments I cherish in my mind as best I can and for as long as they'll stay with me. It's harder than I thought! However, I encourage you to do the same. Relish in the moments that make you smile. Breathe. Savor them. Take in all that those tiny moments have to offer. Although it sounds cliche, those small moments really are the big ones and ones you certainly won't want to forget.

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